Mekong Delta Escape!


Most clients stay 3 nights in Bangkok but… What if you could take one break off to the Mekong Delta?

Spice up your stay in Bangkok!

People had to go to Saigon, and from there, travel to the Mekong Delta. They can still do it, but now, they have a faster option.

Since two months ago, there’s a new DIRECT flight from Bangkok to Can Tho


2 days 1 night at the Heart of the Mekong Delta (Can Tho)

  • Visit Can Tho Town
  • Bike around the villages
  • Unwind at your resort surrounded by an incredible Green Natural Environment
  • Next day visit Cai Rang Floating Market

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Stay at Boutique Victoria Can Tho Resort to have a glimpse of the French Colonial style of Southern Vietnam

Flight: JetStar Pacific, Airbus 320, 179 seats, 90 min flight /  Depart 7am from Bangkok / Return 9 am from Can Tho the following day.

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